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What's New in Office 2019

In this video, you’ll learn about the new features available in Office 2019. Visit for our Microsoft Office tutorials.

We hope you enjoy!
lenny108 : except some toys it is basically the same as Office 2007, 2010. Powerpoint is outdated and replaced by video message
Kids Explorer : Anyone who is still using MS Office 2007 in 2020? :D
Trimax Inventius : The biggest improvements are not posibility to run it on other Windows than 10 and new icons.
CoolGameTV - Roblox Gaming And More : How to do that deselection in excel
EItrion MK2 : anyone came here after they torrented this progam
Night Longer : Nice, I see absolutely no reason to upgrade.
kooninn : If you are buying Microsoft Office, you need to first watch "Office 2019 Watch before you buy".
Epic Tech : Hi, your Chanel is very helpful to me because i download lot of videos from here.The audio quality video and all of thing are very well establish.
Johnny Dickerson : Office 97 is better.
thuyet pham : 1:18 is the most wanted feature i'd waited since office 2003. Why they delayed so long

MS Office 2019 professional plus 다운로드 및 정품인증

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MS 오피스 2019 professional plus 다운로드및 정품인증 영상입니다
바이러스 없이 정상작동 하고요 잘 사용하시길 바랍니다
정품인증 링크:!Wz42HYiY!VZ_3ri_onX2dk0UU1c4dwwl9Gq3nS6Hyb1hWMzkqv_I

링크들어가셔서 파일다운로드 하시면 됩니다
tombstone7r : 안되시는분들 보세요.
위 정품인증 링크를 눌러서 activator.txt를 여시고 다른이름으로 저장할때 모든 파일로 , activator.bat 로 저장하시는거 하나!
이때 windows 10 이신 분들은 방화벽이 작동합니다. 위 영상에서 처럼 허용으로 바꿔주시는거 둘!

위에 까지 실행하신후 톱니바퀴 찾는데 없다 하시는 분들
파일 찾기 돋보기 눌러서 activator.bat 이 파일 이름을 쳐서 찾으시면 눌러서 들어가지 마시고, 밑에 관리자 권한으로 실행 버튼 누르시면 됩니다. 여기까지 셋!
여기까지 하셨다면 제품키 입력을 안해도 자동으로 정품인증이 됩니다.
이지훈 : 저는 똑같은 절차로 했는데 정품인증이 안되는데요?
정용호 : 형님 구독누르고 갑니다
최우선 : 메모창에 있는 코드 짤려서 그런데 알수 있나요??
정성욱 : 설치까지는 잘 보고 따라 했는데... 인증에서 막히네요.
설명창에 있는 코드를 메모장에 붙이는 부분에서 막힙니다. 설명창의 코드는 대체 어디에 있나요? 동영상을 아무리 천천히 봐도 모르겠고... 그 설명창의 코드의 출처를 모르겠습니다. 대체 어디서 구할수 있나요?
수ᄅ때문이야 : 와.. 진짜 감사합니다ㅠㅠㅠㅜ
I my me Mine : 진짜 복받으세요.....아 진짜 너무 감사합니다 매우 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ적게 일하시고 많이버세요ㅠㅠ
러부지노 : 와...... 복 받으세요!!! 원래 있던거 리셋하고 날아가서 또 사야하나 하고 있었는데ㅠㅠ 감사합니다 행복한일로 가득하세요!
황승택 : 오....속는김에 해보자 했느데 되버리는 클라스!!!
Jay K 김재민 : 감사합니다!!!

Should I buy Office 365 or Office 2019?

A comparison of what you get with an Office 365 subscription, versus a one-off purchase of Office 2019.

Buy genuine Microsoft Office at Amazon:
Office 365 Personal -
Office 365 Home -
Office 2019 Home \u0026 Student -

Compare Office prices in your currency on the Microsoft website (change country by clicking the globe icon, bottom left on the website):

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Life in Glow Wellness : Can you share 365 with family member who do not live at the same household? and might be in the other city? another option is a few friends? price is quite high in cad unfortunately, so it would be more manageable. There are quite a few apps people use nowadays (some one-time purchase, some subscription-based) and it all piles up into a round sum.
Captaine PRINCE : Pls can someone help me. I can't sync on google chrome.When i am trying to sync it says"Can't sync to [my email]. I'm on windows 7.
Shrest Gaming : My laptop wont start after my battery died while resetting. It starts but before getting to user it restarts and keeps on restarting
William Stillwell : Dave, Thanks for the run down on the office.365 and office 19 .After watch your video .I have made my decision on which one to use . Thank you .Mr. Stillwell
Redkey USB : Hi Dave, still making vids? We are trying to get in touch with you to discuss a potential review: contact [at] redkeyusb [dot] com
Ume Habibah : I have a question :
I have a windows 10 laptop and my windows update i not working (so i cant install any app or update anything) i tired everything but cannot make the windows update run again . please help
Darkness the fox : So when I tried to reset my computer (because it said to do it if my computer was slow) it stoped at 16% and a waited 2 days and nothing happened so I turned my laptop off and when I try to turn it on it shows the logo and then the screen turns black and shows the logo again in a constant loop. So can you help me? It is a Windows 10 Toshiba laptop.
HRX BEATS : PLEASE help my computer freezes once I click on any app or try uninstalling, I can play movies with system player, but if I use vlc it freezes and when I try opening any app I installed it freezes and I have to click the power button to shutdown abd restart
G5-jaden Barreyro : What do I do when the computer says error code 0xc00000e9
ItsASiemens : Can you help me? Sometimes, I boot my computer and it says "There is no internet available". Even when Altice is running. Doing a network reset bluscreens my pc. It is a fully updated Windows 10


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