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ND 필터 좋은거 찾으신다면? 가변형 ND 필터 추천해드립니다.

» 코멘트
1. 필터 구매 전 렌즈 구경 확인은 필수입니다!!

» 참고사이트
1. ND 필터 구매처 : https://parg.co/D22

» 사용폰트
1. 폰트릭스 - 아카시아_PRO
2. 산돌구름 - 네모니2

» 사용음원
1. http://artlist.io - stoner vegan instrumental version by vegan friendly Artlist

» 촬영장비/소품
1. Camera - Panasonic S1
2. Lens - 24-100 F4
3. Camera - Sony RX100 M7
4. Lighting 1 - YONGNUO YN300 Air II
5. Lighting 2 - Pi Vlogger
6. Tripod 1 - Benro Aero 2
7. Tripod 2 - JOBY gorillapod 3K
8. Slider - ZEAPON Micro2
9. ND Filter - K\u0026F 2-400
10. ETC - edelkrone FlexTILT Head 2
이강주 : 가변형 ND필터의 단점은 내부에 습기(김서림)가 차게 되면 사용할 수가 없게 된다는 것. 그리고 김서림 제거가 어렵다는 것.
이기환 : 짧은 시간에 알릴 수 있는 내용은 모두 담았네요!!! 참 좋은 영상 감사합니다. 발전하세요~~~~
안쌍 : 30mm1.4 렌즈 최대개방 하여 야외 맑은 날 또는 역광에서 촬영하려면 nd값 몇정도 필요할까요???
멕시코라이프 : 안녕하세요 영상 감사잘보고 갑니다. 제가 오늘 첨으로 소니 a6400을 구매했는데요 렌즈는 16-50mm 구요, 제가 쇼핑몰에서 nd렌즈를 사려면 몇 mm 사면되나요???
타이코채Tv : 우와 폰트 월결제 1.9만 비싸네요
원앤두 부계정 : 영상 설명에 들어간 글씨체 너무 이쁜데요?! 유료인가요
Scops : 글리치 효과가.. 집중하는데 방해가 되네용
정원 : 영상 잘봤습니다. 하지만 초보자는 정말 어렵네요 -0- 렌즈구경부터 네이버를 검색해도 뭘사야할지 모르겠어요. 제목부터 너무 다양하고...
Sony A6400 / Sony SELP1650 16-50mm 전 이렇게 사용중인데, 혹시괜찮으시면 제 카메라와 렌즈에맞는 구매링크 한개만 답글로 부탁드려도될까요? K&F??여긴 40.5mm가 품절이더라고요.

Cheap ND Filter Test Run (K&F Concept ND2-ND400)

Can a cheap ND filter help you capture cool images?
Check out this vid and judge for yourself.

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Helaman Gile : I think your drunk
E Wong : Thnx... Going to buy this
Paul Drajem : I used a test image for comparison of your K&F ND Ultra Slim Variable filter being on the lens and off the lens. First test was without your filter to make sure I was getting a sharp image also tried it with multiple lenses to make sure I did not have a problem with getting a sharp image with any of the lenses. All the images with the Two lenses I used were perfectly sharp without your filter. I then use your filter on the lenses using the same settings and got terrible results. The image was completely unusable blurry after installing the filter. Also the color shift was not acceptable. The lenses I used were of high quality Canon L glass series lenses.
Mihir Golani : Can i use a 67mm nd filter on 72mm lens size
pcrate20 : you should have a good sleep..
Herman Verbaeten : having a lot of diagonal vignetting at ND100, ND256 and ND400. I'm wondering what you did to get the train footage(3:41min)so evenly exposed? I wouldn't recommend this K&F concept filter at all!!
Jean Pierre : Jesus christ I can find EVERY K&F Filter in my country but for some reason the 49mm (the one I need) doesn't exist here and is only over seas.
Sir Kay : When do I get the N2-32 as opposed to N2-400 or even higher? I mostly shoot videos but photos sometimes all on my Iphone, checkout my videos on my channel for an idea.
redchinarazor : Where is that roundhouse location?
Mike Conte : What's the matter with you?? F16 ?? Very strange video.

Hoya ND400, 9 stop Neutral Density Filter ~ REVIEW

In this video I'm testing the Hoya ultra dark ND400 filter to make long exposure images.\r
Website: http://www.gavtrain.com\r
Twitter: http://twitter.com/gavin_hoey\r
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gavtrain
Akshay Kamath : Woah...really nice review...but your nervous energy around the waves was so infectious it almost got me wave spotting for most of the video. Was almost relieved when you got back into the studio :D
Łucja Sołtys : Nice... Really insightful video.
leesunlung : ND400 should be 8.64stop I think
ND512 is 9stop
Candiss DelCastillo : What do you think about variable filters as opposed to the ones like this 9 stop? Also, when you are using an ND filter that has a stop, how do you know which stop to select? I see they come in a wide variety of stops. Thanks.
Maen Mostafa : there is color cast and it is clear
Damian Berlik : Ach jak pięknie wygląda ten syf na matrycy...
thatsmagnificent : hi, you say 'unsurprisingly its moved the exposure up to 30 seconds', can you explain what moved the exposure. i.e. how was the camera set up to work that out for itself? thanks very much
Mikel Trako : which one is the best? Hoya 77mm ProND500 Filter or Hoya 77mm ProND1000 Filter?
simon44 : Ive just bought the Hoya ND500 and I find its not dark enough. Before I send it back can I ask why I would rather keep this over an ND1000 version? Thank you.
Donovan80898 : Did you just screw the filter on to the lens?




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