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ARTIFLEX PIOL implantation technique by Dr. C.Budo

ARTIFLEX Phakic IOLs are iris fixated IOLs used in refractive surgery for the correction of Myopia and Astigmatism. The Artiflex lenses are manufactured from Polysiloxane with PMMA haptics. The lens has a foldable optic and can be implanted through a small incision (3.2 mm), having the benefit of a fast recovery.

ARTIFLEX Toric Piol implantation. Dr. C. Budo

Toric Artiflex PIOL implantation by dr. C. Budo Belgium.\r
ARTIFLEX Phakic Toric IOLs are customized devices designed for the correction of regular astigmatism in combination with myopia. The dioptric power range of ARTIFLEX Toric includes a spherical correction from -1.0 to -13.5 dioptres in combination with a cylinder correction from -1.0 to -5.0 dioptres.\r
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ARTIFLEX implantation in depth Part 1, Enclavation pointing by Chan Young Im

Surgical tip for ideal enclavation of Artiflex. A Method to improve centration, and possible reduce complications.By Dr. Chan Young Im, MD Seoul, Korea.




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