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Repair on Samsung Color Laser Printer CLX-3175FNK - Replace/Install Toner Waste Bin

You may have a "Replace/Install Toner Waste Bin" error message on your Samsung Color Laser Printer CLX-3175FNK. You need to empty the toner waste bin or else you need to buy a new. If you follow my repair video, you can fix your Samsung color laser printer without buying a new toner waste bin for your printer. You might need to get the manual from the Samsung website called "Multi Functional Printer User's Guide" for the CLX-3170FN, CLX-3175FN, CLX-3175FW, CLX-3175, CLX-3175N.
brianna jenay : I was so sick of buying ink cartridges for ink jet printers.==>Е    Very happy with this printer so far - the toner lasts awhile!
huh ??? : Someone give this man a medal.. although I would've made a shorter video.. anyways, kudos man!
Leevke Dau-Schmidt : Thank you!
Mikel Mendibe : This is funny as hell, I don´t even have a printer
Caitlin Outdoors : I used both water and table salt. Worked for me
stuntcore : Brilliant Joseph - the trick worked!
Daniel Kreutzmann : Worked great, thanks!
José Luis Guimarães : Very good! thanks! BRASILEIRO
r studio : Oh Joseph p.s. I do commend you for making the effort of doing a video for the benefit of others trying to fix their printer instead of buying a new toner waste tank. Good luck to you my man and go out have a beer and talk to a pretty girl and make some friends.
r studio : Wow water paper? water tissue? the way this guy talks I can guess he is a young Asian 1st generation. He is probably very smart but only in one or two things or book smart and not in anything else. His parents probably made him "Study so you can get good money job like doctor lawyer engineer" and didnt let him do anything else like socialize or sports etc. Sad I mean I am not picking on the guy but its sad that the Asian Parents treat their kids like machines and program them this way. All so they can be making lots of money or have some status via a title in a job. So sad.. As if a job title or college degree is the only thing important in life. All work and no play make jack a dull boy. Soon he will have a asian dragon lady who cheats on him and spends all his money. Sad. My recommendation go out and explore life and learn some social things and make different types of friends. Then maybe you wont say "Water Tissue" When you should say a "Damp Cloth" or "Use a paper towel damp with water" "Baby water tissue" man thats the sign of a person who has been sheltered or been under very controlling parents most likely. Not making fun of you Joseph just feel bad for guys like you. Get out there and see the world my man enjoy life. Peace.

Printing between Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Samsung CLX-3175FNK printer using Google Drive

I am trying to print between Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Samsung CLX-3175FNK printer using Google Drive.
Joseph Lee :

clp-315,320,clx-3175,3185 계열 정착기 교체방법

how to exchange the fuser unit from Samsung clp-315,320,clx-3175,3185 printers
Алексей Науменко : 3:55 Жопу было было обязательно снимать.
jon버 : 정착기가 전사 벨트 인가요?
JaY P : 노래 오묘하네요 ^^
Jess Riegel : thank yoU! <3
tasha weehti : Your contry made shit printer, fucking samsung every time broke down in few use
HamGoo : Thank you from Germany
Xamid Ubaydullayev : конкретно ничего не видно. Голливуд и то снял бы лучше этот ролик.
lps leipzig : Thank you for that very professional tutorial. The english title for that video would be

"how to exchange the fuser unit from Samsung clp-315,320,clx-3175,3185 printers".

Hope you can provide more nice tutorials.

Greetings from Germany :-)




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